DIY Easter Candy Egg Project

  • Don’t start your Easter decoration before you’re done reading this tutorial .

    Learn in a simple step-by-step method how to offer an original DIY touch to your home décor and have fun at the same time . Easter egg made out of completely different strings , which you can utilize to adorn a vase or maybe bowl , on the table or perhaps under the mirror . To accomplish this great piece of decoration , get these supplies :

    • tiny balloons ;
    • colored string ;
    • glue ;
    • corn starch ; ( Sta-Flo liquid starch )
    • ( optional ) chocolate eggs ;

    Begin with the special mixture . Essentially , you combine water along with cornstarch ( corn flour ) or glue . And then , soak the string in this and then wrap the balloon with it . Oh yeah , don’t forget to blow up the balloon beforehand . You can put a few chocolate eggs in it while doing so . Leave to dry overnight . All credits to

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