Impressive “Living” Paintings

  • Do you remember the Hyperrealistic Painting, paintings that seem so real that you don't believe that it isn't a photograph? Well, this is the opposite, in this case, real people, becomes painting. The US artist Alexa Meade, a 24-year-old self-taught artist paints over people so that they look like paintings, then photographs them either in a natural setting or with a painted background. The work, takes 10 to 30 hours of painting over people’s skin, and the end result is a photograph, which can sell for around $2,000. “It’s very difficult in the art world to have a new concept,” Martin Irvine, the gallery owner said. “She figured out a way of working with a 3D (object) to flatten it… they look flat even when you’re standing in front of it,” he via

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